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It’s the small things

Often in life we look at the big things and imagine they are the things that cause us a problem. We tend to overlook the small things because they don’t appear to be as important as the massive thing standing in our way.

If we really want to live mindfully in the present, we need to focus on the immediate and look at what is going on in our lives and families. Noticing things around you, including your feelings, is vitally important.

How often do we look at and analyse our feelings? If you’re anything like I used to be, hardly at all. We are so quick to reply “fine” to people who ask how we are and often I know that I haven’t been good at pushing to find out if that is really true or not when I can see something is wrong by someone’s face. It’s just a small thing that has a wider impact on others around us as well as ourselves. Next time you notice someone is not good when they say fine, why not take a few minutes and give them a chance to talk about it there and then? If you really cannot spare the time, why not contact them later on in the day to double-check on them?

Another apparently small thing is smiling. I must admit, when I am having a hard time (or what I feel is one) I tend to not smile so easily. But you know what? It’s another small thing to smile and cheer your family, friends and acquaintances up, but boy can it make a difference to their day as well as your own. They are much more likely to smile back and if they are struggling it will help them too.

When we went through our losses, both Kevin and I realised that it really was the small things that mattered. People who took time out of their days to check on us, ask how we really were, brought chocolate or flowers or sent a card on the loss date were so appreciated. The smallest things made the biggest difference to us at those times in particular.

I mentioned this briefly in my post on Sunday – how to develop an attitude of gratitude, that I needed the “right” feel of pen, paper, keyboard, ipad to be able to create. I had NO idea it had such an impact on me until Sunday. I wrote four different blogposts before Kevin managed to find a keyboard and position that I was comfortable with. Once that happened, I realised that this seemingly small thing made a vast difference to me. I had my creative ability back and figured out that a lot of what I had been feeling in the past few days was because my creativity had been stifled by the “wrong” feel of a new keyboard and ipad position. I had no idea that it had been making me feel bad physically, mentally and emotionally.

Massive life changes most certainly do impact us and I am not forgetting that. But in these life changes, can you find the small things that are either helping or hindering you? The ones that help you, try and develop an attitude of gratitude for and the ones that are causing problems, look at what they are and how you can change or improve them.

I would love to hear from you what some of the small things are for you. If you would wish to write a comment, I would love to see it or if you want to message me privately, you can do so on the facebook page.

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