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Encouragement and limiting beliefs

There are times you need encouragement to help you stop living with limiting beliefs. Changing your mindset is not an easy thing to do so if you have someone supporting you to do it, that really helps.

To be honest with you, everyone benefits from help and support in whatever they do. I believe it is always good to try and encourage people if you can because you have no idea what they have been going through in a day.

One of my limiting beliefs that has caused quite a lot of self-sabotaging has been that I cannot complete something I start, especially if it is something artistic or craft oriented. The trouble is, I often start any projects I wish to complete with a negative mindset. This is something that causes me to sabotage projects subconsciously.

In the end, I start doing things and don’t complete them. This is not a good way to function in life. Perfectionist tendencies don’t help either. I want to complete things and do them without a mistake. However, this is not realistic.

Children watch everything you do and I don’t want my son not accepting completing something because it isn’t perfect. He needs to be shown that finishing tasks is important. I don’t want him to cultivate a limited mindset because I haven’t developed a growth mindset in myself.

Encouragement I would say is the backbone of being able to change your way of living and core beliefs inside yourself. If you cannot encourage yourself with your inner talk, then maybe you need someone on the outside to help you.

One of my friends said to me to look at it as though I am winning every time I complete a row of knitting or do something else that I would like to achieve. This has actually helped me to feel that I am doing something positive and creative at the same time. I can see the knitting grow as I work at it. No, it doesn’t look totally utterly perfect but it IS good enough.

Some things need practice and will develop slower in your life than others. And that’s ok. Not all your limiting beliefs will be transformed in an instant. But by working on them and either being your own cheerleader or having someone else to support you will really help things to be different in your life.

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