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Life can be an adventure

Life can be an adventure but it can also be boring and dull. Most of that is down to how we view life and the experiences that happen to us. Some people think of adventure and combine it with the concept of adrenaline junkies who do extreme sports.

Adventure is actually different things to different people. For some, it can be a massive experience but for others, adventure is what would be considered by someone else a small thing.

For me, adventure is things like just going for a drive to see landscapes and we often would go for drives just because. Why not go and see where you end up? Some of the places we ended up in were because of the strange names they had.

I don’t know if you have ever associated courage with adventure? But actually it is. If you didn’t have the courage to try something, the adventure side of it wouldn’t exist.

Do you know that you can actually bring a sense of adventure to anything? It is all in how you view it. You can even make something seem like an adventure for your child. I hate hospitals and seeing doctors but I have tried to make sure that it is fun and exciting seeing them for my son. My husband views going to hospital as a treat and I want Johnathan to feel that too.

I’m not saying this is easy – it isn’t in every situation. Some are much more difficult but that’s ok. Being grateful for what we have and maintaining an attitude of gratitude can help the sense of adventure in our lives.

So what does adventure mean to you? Can you find it in the small things or is it big experiences that you crave? Adventure can be part of your attitude of gratitude. I’m not saying I am perfect at doing this – nobody is. But if you try, it can certainly make a difference.

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