Today is a gift

Today is a gift, how do you feel about it? Every day is a full 24 hours. There is no difference in any day, in the sense that you don’t get 23 hours or 25 hours. Each one is the same length of time as the last and tomorrow will be the same as well.

But here it is, today. What do you think of it? Well, to be perfectly honest, in some ways it doesn’t really matter how you think about it. The gift of a day is a precious thing because not everybody gets one.

I love the fact that there is always something good that happens in every day that can be viewed as a gift. There are good days, bad days, fun days, joyful days, sad days, enjoyable days and everything in between. Sometimes a mix of emotions happen in a day as well.

Bot how do you view the day? I try to find something in every day that I can be grateful for. There are some days I really struggle to find something to write in a post on my facebook personal page and something different on my business page. Life doesn’t always go smoothly, but that is how it is. You cannot change the bumps in the road, but you can change how you view them.

No matter what happens, each day IS a gift. I think Kevin and I were strongly reminded of this fact when we lost our stillborn daughter, Natalie. Not only were we able to look back and measure the days she was in my womb and the things we learnt about her during this time, but it was a bitter sweet experience.

Looking back, we can see the precious gifts that came with the days that were hard with each of our losses. Each day is a wonderful gift, but it isn’t necessarily wrapped up smartly with a beautiful bow on top.

Unexpected things occur and you cannot plan for them. Life doesn’t always unfold the way we anticipate. However, we can be flexible in our planning and change things as circumstances dictate.

Every day of your life contains a precious gift. Today is the start of a new year. It doesn’t matter how you have viewed life in the past, you can begin to choose how you will both today and in the future.

Can you commit to begin looking for that gift in every day? It may not be easy, you may not see it on the actual day and that’s ok. Unwrapping a gift isn’t always easy – sometimes the sellotape is harder to tear than you thought it might be, other times the packaging presents challenges that you never believed was even possible.

Going forward I am still committed to trying to find that gift in every day, not just today. The gift in today for me is that we had a wonderful day together as an extended family.

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