An unexpected new beginning

An unexpected new beginning

This year I have certainly had an unexpected new beginning in spite of myself. I wanted this year to be a good one We have had quite a few shall I call them uncomfortable? Years. Yes, let’s put it that way.

Uncomfortable most certainly, but we have got to a place where we can accept that one phase of our lives is over and we need to move on. I had thought when I got pregnant with Serah, she would be our last baby but I didn’t realise how it would be made so emphatically to me that my pregnancy years were done.

So during the week, Kevin and I decided to be rid of all the big baby stuff we still had. What is the point of keeping things that we were never going to use again for sentimental reasons? At the end of the day, they were taking up space in our big cupboard and Johnathan’s wardrobe for no reason.

Now we have much more usable space in our big cupboard and I can see what we actually have in there. That will make a big difference to us. So strange to think of everything gone, but Johnathan starts school in less than 2 weeks and our whole routine will be totally upended, as he will be collected in a bus and the last time that happened was when he was 15 months old!

So in some ways our lives will be changed naturally in the passing of time. But they will also be expanded through the challenges and opportunities we face. Although life gives us opportunities we can explore, not everybody takes them. But that’s ok if that is the life you want to have. However, if you want more, you can go and get it.

One of these new beginnings for me is going to have the time to do the digital artwork I would like to do for not only myself and others but digital artwork purely for selling. And also, I wish to focus on not only mine but also my family’s health. So you see, my life will become busy.

I guess in some ways you say it’s not totally unexpected or a new beginning, just the natural years that change your family life. Probably it is, but the shock of the change, the enormity of it and the fact it seems improbable we should go back but must move on.

When you are faced with a unexpected new beginning, what are you going to do about it? Accept it or get bitter and angry? Your choice determines what you do and the outcome that evolves.

An unexpected new beginning

An unexpected new beginning
Can start in so many ways
You never know when they begin
Or what their blessings are.

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