Finding Toys for Christmas with Autism

Christmas is a joyful time of year and one I love to share and celebrate.  I’d previously mentioned that Johnathan was finally getting interested in holidays, their meaning and traditions. He wore dressing up clothes for the first time in his life at Halloween this year.  So next, I want to share with him the beauty and joy of the season of Christmas.

Many parents right now will be looking around their house, thinking of all the toys and books and clothes the children have. And are wondering what can be given away so that there is room for all the new toys to come.

Now if you have an autistic child, life is not as simple as that.

They play with toys that are appropriate for multiple skills and age ranges.  It’s difficult to know what you can get rid of and what they will want to keep.  There are parents who have gotten rid of some of their child’s toys thinking that they were now too old for them, only to find that at birthday or Christmas they asked for them all back.

This is the reality for parents with a child on the spectrum:  keep toys that your child might need but that you don’t really have space for, or get rid of the toys only to find that you might have to buy them again!

For example, the other day Johnathan was playing with a push along penguin on a long stick and it broke.  We could not console him until we showed him we could order exactly the same toy. And with no change of colour or size or anything.

So what can I do this year at Christmas?  I think it’s finding creative ways of storing his toys so that we can have space for the new ones he will be getting this year.  Next year?  I have no idea.

Have you felt the echo yet?

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