Good, Fun Times

I had been out to an appointment at the hospital, having to take Johnathan with me. Poor boy, this was his third trip in the week! So, to make it sound more palatable to him, I said if he was good, we would have a snack in the cafe afterward.

Now it wasn’t a big thing for me to offer for us to sit in a cafe afterward – in fact, I didn’t think he would even take me up on the offer. I had nothing I needed to do before collecting Kevin from work as I had no idea how long I would need at the hospital.

We got taken into the doctor’s room shortly after arriving, instead of having to wait so I was pleasantly surprised at the speed. But as it was the first appointment obviously took much longer than a GP one.

Johnathan was very good, playing behind us, only once asking when we would be done. So I took him to the cafe and he had a kinder egg while I had a cup of tea and just chatted about general things.

As I was getting into the car, Johnathan said: “we do have some good, fun times together, don’t we Mum?” I agreed that we do when we can chat about all different things and don’t argue. Johnathan doesn’t want or need expensive things, but a simple sharing at a table in a cafe at the hospital really made his day.

So many times as parents we wonder if we are doing the right thing in how we bring up our children and so many other things about them, too. Johnathan had it right. We do have good, fun times together and they infinitely weigh out over the bad and he is right to recognize that.

I love him with all my heart but sometimes I don’t understand him as his brain is wired differently to mine. With high functioning autism, he will probably go far in life and do amazing things that I never could, but that doesn’t matter. It’s in the little things – the good, fun times we share.

If you don’t have good, fun times with someone, why don’t you change it? It won’t take much. Just a little bit of time and a kinder egg.

Have you felt the echo yet?

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