Introducing Johnathan

It’s never been an easy thing to help a child with autism.  Our son, Johnathan, is high functioning autistic and he struggles with things other children find easy to do.  As he grows and develops things don’t even stay the same.  His reaction to things is changing as he grows and develops. You have to be able to keep up with him and the changes that occur.

One of the issues my son has and probably will always struggle with is sensory ones.  Now, this is a common problem with children high on the spectrum so I know it’s normal but it’s still hard to follow.  You think you have got it covered and then something else happens.  But that’s ok as we can change and adapt to what he needs. But he can’t do it for himself, unfortunately.

I love my son dearly and have always known there was something up with him.  We were very fortunate that we managed to get him diagnosed when we did.  His nursery key worker also knew that there was something wrong with him that needed diagnosing.

For a boy who refused to have anything to do with dressing up or any holidays or special days, things dramatically changed.  He actually wanted to celebrate Halloween and even wear a costume!  I was dreading attempting to make a costume so was really grateful Granny bought him a Pirate skeleton costume!

In spite of the rain, Johnathan went out with his Dad trick or treating.  He managed to go to four houses.  The first problem was getting him to either ring the bell or knock on the door.  It took him 3 times up and down the garden path to finally summon up the courage to do so, but he finally did!

This is a really big breakthrough for Johnathan and I am really delighted.  We are hoping that Christmas might be more of a Christmas this year. That he is willing to join in the whole concept of Christmas and everything it entails.

Fortunately, we have a brilliant head of the assessment and development unit he attends.  She is excellent in her support and encouragement and I now have a really good relationship with her which I am truly grateful for.

One of the things I love about this teacher is that she asked me to go and see a physiotherapist with Johnathan and find some help for his gross and fine motor skills.  Now I have known for a long time that he needs help with that, but not been able to access it.  Fortunately, the physiotherapist that saw us was brilliant and suggested different things after listening to me once she recognized and understood the issues we were needing help with.

I also have a good support network that I have developed and they are helpful and encouraging.  Some of them know or have a child on the spectrum while others don’t.  At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you have the same problems as others, you can still encourage someone with difficulties that you are not subject to.

Have you felt the echo yet?

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