Why Encouragement is Needed

Encouragement is a good thing to both give and receive. 

The best boss I ever had was a great encourager.  She believed she could get better work out of people if she made them feel good about themselves.  I read about people who say they need someone to metaphorically “give them a kick and get them working” but is this really what they need?

 If you want to get a child or animal to do something, do you do this to them or do you give them encouragement? 

Negativity can bring bad results because it doesn’t give people motivation to do something positive.  Negative comments don’t help people, but they slowly chip away at the self-esteem and soon the words that person is subconsciously saying to themselves are negative and produce negative reactions.  You can’t get something good out of something bad.

I love to encourage people and see them rise to meet me.  Their shoulders go up and you can see the little shake they do that lets you know they are now ready to perform whatever it is that is needed.  Why would you not want to get that reaction or not want it for yourself? 

The best teachers are the ones that encourage their pupils and reward them for good behavior.  We are no different. Without thanking or rewarding the person or yourself, you’re not going to get or give the best work you can do. 

You hear a lot about self-care at the moment and how important it is.  What else is self-care other than both encouraging and rewarding yourself for the things you complete and give you the courage and strength to keep going? 

So next time you think about being negative to yourself or someone who works for you – just think.  What reaction do you want?  To get the best work from yourself or anyone else, you need to encourage. 

Entrepreneurship is a very lonely business but encourages yourself to keep going and take care of yourself and those around you so that both you and they feel they can do the best work they are capable of.

Until next time…..

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