Why You Check Before You Go With a Child on the Spectrum

I would advise you to check before you go to places when you haven’t been there for a while. Last Friday I made a bit of an annoying blunder by not doing so.

In the morning, Johnathan wanted some card for a specific project he wanted to do. I have no idea where there is some in our house or if there is any in the first place.

So I said to him that after the dentist, we would go to the craft shop nearby and get the card he wanted. I had no idea of the time because we sat in the cafe for a bit having a chat before we left the hospital grounds. We really have good times chatting together in the cafe there and it’s such good fun.

We hadn’t been over to the shop in a long time. But I had no worries about them having gone out of business. They had been open since I moved up to Scotland and it didn’t even cross my mind to question the fact.

Why is it important to check before you go?

Now for a normal child, you would expect them to be upset, but for a child on the spectrum, this was an utter disaster. So I had poor Johnathan screaming and wailing in the background while I tried to think about what to do next. Luckily, I thought of his grandparents, knowing they would have card, and they did.

Kevin said to me that next time I should have a plan 2 in mind, just in case something goes wrong. And he’s right. But firstly, you need to check that the place is open.

Tomorrow we are going to a place we haven’t been for at least a year. We made phone calls to check they were still in business. So I would recommend that you make sure you do this and have a second plan in place.

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