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Finding Your Mental Health Therapy

There are many different types of therapy that you can use to help yourself. But for me, there is nothing like a long drive which takes me through beautiful scenery.

Personally the delight of seeing trees and fields and hills and the sea and lochs here in Scotland is one of the best therapies there are. When we moved into this property 4 years ago, (my goodness, was it really that long ago?) there was a field opposite us.

Unfortunately, they decided to get rid of the field and build houses on it. Weill, I don’t think it is totally unfortunate because Johnathan met up with his first friend who moved into the new area.

But for my own personal mental health, I need to see the scenery. I hadn’t realized how MUCH I needed it until there was no field I could see opposite our house.

Finding a New Therapy

You may know that I have been doing digital art and painting ceramics, which I really love. And Johnathan is beginning to really show his creative side, too. We love going for a drive and then painting ceramics.

For the first time on Monday I actually tried doing a ceramic piece that needed firing. I am so looking forward to seeing how it will look when the firing is done. There is a small play area that Johnathan loves and the cafe does gluten and dairy free food, so it’s perfect for us. Gives me a break from driving and allows me to do some ceramic painting in comparative peace.

This last time I painted a horse and Johnathan painted the inside of a heart shaped bowl. We both enjoyed the time we spent there with our therapy and Johnathan loves being able to use the play place. Kevin either watches him play or comes and sees us paint.

So if your mental health needs a boost, why not try something new? I never thought I would enjoy painting ceramics but I do. And although we aren’t outside in our wheelchairs or whatever, we still see the beauty of the day from the car.

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