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My Journey with Music

Music has always been a part of my life. Even from when I was a very young child I can remember singing and enjoying hearing other people sing. Often I would have a song going round and round in my head and would be unable to get rid of it.

Learning the Piano

My interest in music took a backward step when I started to learn the piano. This was a lot of work and my siblings seemed to catch on to it much easier than me. It got me very discouraged. When I learned that I couldn’t reach the keyboard and pedals at the same time and had to give up playing the piano, I don’t think anyone else could have been happier than me.

I ended up having private recorder lessons during the school break. I wasn’t sure if I was blessed for the time I spent playing the recorder and not having to be out in the playground or not. It was a very confusing time with differing emotions.

Then one of my friends started to learn the flute. I thought it would be nice if we did it together, but I couldn’t get my mouth in the right shape. So I went back to the recorder, but a wooden one this time. And actually got really quite good at it.

What I struggled the most with in regard to music was learning the theory of it. I could do it, but had no comprehension how or why – just that was how the piece was played.

The End of My Recorder Days

When I had got to the end of the recorder music I could do (my hands were too small for the next size up recorder), I had to give up. But my music teacher suggested I try the clarinet and I really enjoyed it and became very proficient at it.

I can basically play a tune or two on most woodwind instruments. If I hadn’t been going to university, I would have tried to learn the oboe. The sound it makes is so rich and deep and I know I can play the two reed instrument because I picked up a friend’s at university and was able to play it instantly.

Joining Choir

In my teens I joined the choir in the “church” I grew up in. It was a confusing time. Sometimes I was praised for what I was doing and other times I got in trouble. I had been told I had a good singing voice many years before but now I don’t know how good it actually is! I can certainly keep in tune, even if nothing else. So I may try to find a choir to join at some point.

I met a really good pianist. He was a lovely man and tried to support me in my endeavors. He gave me a CD of his playing to help inspire me with my poetry writing. The wonderful thing was it was just improvisation so I could hum to the melody and write at the same time.

Finding Peace in Music

When I was pregnant with Johnathan there were 2 songs that meant the world to me. I was in the maternity hospital, in a room of my own, for 6 weeks. I had my phone playing that music again and again and it brought me peace during that difficult time.

Music has always been a part of my life. I don’t think it would ever not be. I believe that avenues of creativity are a marvelous way to express yourself and that music therapy is a good thing to know/use.

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