Maisie: The Journey to Our Puppy

I guess I can’t tell you about myself without talking about my dog, Maisie. Other than Kevin and Johnathan, she is the most important thing to me. And our affection is mutual – even if she does think she should take precedence over Johnathan at times. She has a space next to me on my chair, while Johnathan gets the space on my lap. But sometimes she tries to sneak in anyway.

Yearning for A Puppy

For many years I had always wanted a dog of my own. I believe it was from a very young age. At least, I can’t remember NOT wanting a dog. So I think I would say, pretty much I always did. In fact, I nearly got one before I moved to Scotland. I loved the Pomeranian dogs, as they are so small and so friendly and actually went and put a deposit down on a puppy. However, on consideration, I decided that it would be too much upheaval to have two animals to look after and drive them over 400 miles. And I know now that I made the right decision. Having a cat yowling in my car the whole journey was more than enough!

When I was in England one of the dogs we had in the family was called Sandy and everyone told me she was my dog and I had to feed her and look after her but she actually never felt like she was my dog. Sandy suffered from arthritis and could be quite irritable at times. I didn’t know how to play with a dog or get comfort from them and that really didn’t help me bond with her.

Finding the Right Time to Get A Puppy

So I had an unfulfilled longing for a dog. Kevin had promised that once we were in a suitable property we could get one. A dog needed to have space and our disabilities meant we had to be in a property where we could just shove her out of the door into a garden. So once we were moved into this place we live in right now, I knew I could go and get a dog as we had an enclosed garden and we could just put the dog outside. Of course, I would go out with the dog when it was tiny but later let them out by themselves. Of course, I wanted to get a Pomeranian because they hold a little place in my heart.

From our journeys around Scotland seeing the beautiful countryside, we knew that the breeder Kevin had got his two Burmese cats now bred Pomeranians and also showed some of them. As this was the breed of dog I wished to obtain, to start with I contacted her. I knew that I wanted a dog to help my emotional stability as well as a companion and friend.

Finding the Right Puppy

The breeder said that she didn’t feel a Pomeranian would be of benefit to me. Apparently, their legs are very fragile and break easily so you cannot get insurance for them. And we had a 15-month-old boy at the time as well. Would that really be the right breed for us?

Unfortunately, I had to agree with her when she told me this. Then she asked me if I would consider a Cavachon. They are good with children and very friendly, not needing a lot of exercise and she had two left from the last litter. So we went to see the two of them.

She had thought the more lively one would be suitable for us and she instantly came running up to see us, but Johnathan screamed and wriggled back as quickly as he could, so I knew that puppy wouldn’t work for us. The other puppy slowly came closer to him and was just gently sniffing his foot. That he was happy with. So I knew which puppy suited us and was grateful I had brought Kevin and Johnathan with me to make the choice.

Let me tell you something. I am so grateful to have this dog to help calm and settle me. She has been the best thing ever for me. She loves hugs and sleeping next to me. But the fact is, although she is much livelier than we would have chosen, she is still an integral part of our lives.

A Dog Loves What A Dog Loves

The funny thing is, I never agreed with putting clothes on a dog. I thought it was simply a gimmick and a way to make dog owners pay more money on their companions. Maisie is generally a very noisy dog but last year when she returned from the groomers near Halloween she was wearing a wee jacket. And she was much quieter. Literally, we were kind of looking for her to bark as usual but it really calmed her down.

So now I have a little dog who wears clothes and if she’s going to wear them, they’re going to be accurate to the season. It is so weird but she absolutely loves it! When she has been brushed, or come back from a walk, she can barely wait to get back into her clothes. Not what I wanted, but is obviously exactly what she needed.

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