Never Giving Up And Asking for Help

“But I can’t do it, Mummy! It’s too hard.” I tried to reassure Johnathan that it wasn’t too hard and that he could do it. We would do it together. Then he responded with “But I can’t do it at home.” Eventually, he agreed to do the next time with me.

And you know what? This is like you and me. I am sure there are times that we think things are too hard and difficult for us to do. And we turn out to be right. What we say we can’t do, we don’t. We give up. And this is true for all of us.

But things can be different.

You don’t have to do it alone. Someone else can help you get things you need to be done, done. You don’t have to know everything. In fact, even if you were the biggest genius in the world, you still wouldn’t.

Now that’s not to say that everybody can do everything that somebody else does. I love the fact that we are all born with gifts and talents that we can share with the world. But you can perceive tasks and jobs in front of you as “too difficult” or “too hard” and just give up.

Now you have two choices in front of you.

Do you want to ask somebody for help and see things in a different way? Or are you just giving up?

One of the values in the new school Johnathan is going to is teaching children how to try and not give up. Sometimes you can do it yourself, while other times you do it with someone else. Of course, if it’s not what you have a talent for you will find it more difficult but with help and support, you can achieve.

So are you giving up? Or are you going to ask for help and achieve?

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