Sports Day & Johnathan’s Surprise

I love the beautiful little things that can happen sometimes in life, even when they are unexpected. They make your day and bring some light to your life. The beauty of these beautiful little things is that you never know when they are going to appear. When it was coming up to the Sports Day and the teachers started talking about it, Johnathan spoke to Kevin and I and announced in a VERY determined voice that he was NOT going to partake in this event.

He was so insistent and upset that I spoke to the teacher about it. We decided between us that the aim was just going to be getting Johnathan outside at least. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. There was only one time before he had been upset like that and refused to even leave the house to go on the trip that was planned with the nursery.

So previous experience of him being like this was not positive.

Anyway, we got to the day and I was rather dreading it. Johnathan’s father and I deliberately did not mention the fact that it was sports day and got him ready for school and out the door with ease, but it still didn’t reassure me.

I didn’t know if he would refuse to even go outside or not.
And I certainly had no expectation of him taking part.

Came time for Johnathan to come and Kevin went to get him and he walks in with a first sticker on him as though it were nothing. I asked him what it was for and he said flippantly “Oh just the egg and spoon race which I won today.” He said he didn’t win the other three races.

I was astonished!

My son had entered races that he was so adamant he wasn’t going to! And he had even won one! The surprise about this was that he wears insoles because he is so clumsy and has perception problems.

So Mummy and Daddy really started praising him for taking part and his only gripe was there weren’t more races! Talk about the opposite thing happening. I hadn’t prepared for it at all! In fact, nothing in his past had ever pointed to him even making the attempt to do it.

I hadn’t gone to Sports Day because I hadn’t known how he would behave if he saw me and if that would make him want to leave. He even asked me why I hadn’t been there to see him win. Um, yeah. Seriously?! How do you go from that to this in a few hours? It made me think about races and, actually life.

Because life is a race or a journey as well.

Sometimes people sign up for walks or runs that they are in no way fit for. They have to take the time to train and prepare for it before it happens. And them talking to Johnathan about the races and the race day and how it would all work, I believe was what was needed for him to agree to take part in the event.

We come to life or work and sometimes we think we are not prepared for it. Probably at the time, that’s ok. If you need to get ready for life or the race, and need to then get the resources after, that’s alright. Don’t feel that everything has to be in place the very first time you hear about something, want to do it, or others expect you to be able to.

Take your time and get it right.

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