Crafting for Fun

As a creative person, I love different crafts. I can also see that my son does too, with the varied creations he brings home from nursery. He uses many different techniques, taught him by a lady there. She is impressed with what he can do, as are the ladies where we go to paint ceramics.

One of the other things I notice about Johnathan is that he has no troubles with fear about the level of his skill in the crafts that he does with her. He just gets on with it and gives it a try. And is very happy to bring home what he creates. I love looking at what he has done and enjoy the pleasure he takes in what he creates.

Sometimes, I feel that we need to take creative acts, like crafts, and do them with the awe and wonder of a child.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find myself caught up in the fear of it not looking good enough. That people won’t like it and not liking me because of it. That I haven’t spent enough money on it. It doesn’t look professional.

But on the other hand, I want to learn new crafts.

And really, nobody is perfect when they start something new! It takes time and practice and failure and learning something from each experiment you do. So why do I put such pressure on myself? There’s no reason to and I shouldn’t.

The other thing with crafts is they can take up room or take time to do and sometimes need time to dry or stick together or something. We need to learn to stop the excuses and allow ourselves to use the time we have available to create things as an integral part of our self-care.

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