Courage & Trust to Learn New Skills

Last night when Johnathan and I were leaving school, I thought he needed some playtime outside. He had got upset thinking something said was aimed at him, but Mummy discovered it wasn’t.

Right there, in the playground, but on the grass where the wheelchair couldn’t go was a play frame.

I thought this was a sensible thing to do because he needed something positive after such a negative time. He could let off steam with the other children. There were some bars you could climb, leading to a platform and a pole to go down. And then you could move along a wobbly bridge to get to the slide or climb up to the slide using a wall with footholds in and onto a platform to the slide.

So here he was, and he got one foot on the bars and couldn’t get the courage to get his other foot up. He came back and asked me to go with him, but I couldn’t with the chair. So he went to the wall and managed to get two feet up by himself, but no further. He needed some reassurance of a person standing behind him. And Lucy, one of the mothers he knows pretty well, was standing there waiting for her son, Struan who was on the frame.

So I asked her if she could come to stand behind him and help him.

And she did!

The first time she had to physically help him and she said she could feel his fear, but the grin when he got to the top and could go down the slide – boy, it was worth it!

The second time, he just had the comfort of her being there behind him.

His third time, he had her daughter Mirrin, encouraging him.

The fourth and fifth times he found the courage and did it totally alone and if it is possible, his grin was even bigger than before!

You see, Johnathan learnt an important lesson. He discovered that he could do something, first with support and then by himself. He doesn’t have a lot of confidence, so I wanted to give it to him for this situation. I knew that with Lucy there, he would feel more confident and be able to tackle it.

I am so proud of my big boy doing this. He has really shown courage at climbing the wall he was scared of. He has had 2 broken arms – at separate times and so he was worried about doing this, but he did it and succeeded.


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