Literal Thinking & Misunderstandings

One of the difficulties that can be encountered is the literal thinking of an autistic person. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with their way of thinking. But I do know there are some people that do.

Having lived with autistic people for over 10 years now, I am pretty much used to the way they think. I can change my language to suit my husband and my son. I’m not saying I get it right all the time, but that’s ok. Nobody’s perfect and everyone has difficulties in communication at some point, no matter who they are.

However, Johnathan’s new school teachers are not used to dealing with his literal thinking mind yet.

He has misunderstood a number of things. I have been his advocate in explaining to both them and him the problems or difficulties that are arising.

For example, one of the things I am needing to sort out is the whole issue of drinking during the school day.

Now, most children would understand that they can drink. As it’s an ok thing to do during the day if the setting is appropriate. However, because there are certain times in the day that they cannot, my son has taken this as literally as he is not allowed to drink at school. So I need to get this settled for him tomorrow.

So life continues and we have issues that need resolving. This is and will be life with an autistic person. But do you know something? I wouldn’t be without the two people I love most in the world for anything. They mean everything for me and if I can help them, I will do everything in my power to do so.


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