Hypermobility & Johnathan

I had quite a surprise this week – a nice one actually. Johnathan told me that he had been chosen to be on the school council. He told me that the teacher had chosen him, but when I spoke to the deputy’s head he told me that it was the children who had chosen Johnathan.

Because they recognized his natural leadership skills.

Wow! What a contrast between the boy who wouldn’t talk to anyone in the nursery to a boy that his classmates recognized his natural leadership skills!

Anyway, natural leadership skills? I hadn’t even realized he HAD any.

I mean, I know he likes to take care of and help children younger than him and he is desperate for a sibling, but a leader? Do you know something? I think he hasn’t yet realized all that he can do.

At the moment, he is struggling with his writing. We have tried all the different grips and things you can get that go on to pencils and some pens but they aren’t helping him enough. He is still complaining about pain in his hand when he writes. I know he has a strong enough grip. He can break squeezy toys with no trouble in a day or two unless they are REALLY well made.

I’m going to tell you something that very few of you probably know.

There are actually hypermobility pencils that are shaped differently!

We know he has got it, but we didn’t realize that it could impact his hand in writing. The school is going to buy one in to see if it works and if not we will have to look at sloping desks. But he can’t use them in school unless an OT says he needs one. The doctor has ruled out the other things it could be and says he thinks it is the hypermobility.

So we are going to try this with him and see if it works. The takeaway from this is, if your child is struggling with something, there are different things you can try to help them. Don’t give up after one or two. The answer is there, waiting for you to find. It may uncover something that you didn’t know and help with other things.


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