Art Teaches. . . That You Don’t Have To Get It “Right”

I actually surprised myself yesterday. Not in the fact that I went to an art therapy day, but the actual difference that it made to me. In this piece, I want to tell you what one of them is.

One of the things that really helped me was that I could actually see how far on I was in the mindset work that I have been doing.

You Don't Have to "Get It RIght" || Anika's Hearts and Crafts

Amanda said right at the start, she goes into school and the pupils all bring work to her and ask if “it’s right” or “good” etc. None of them feel satisfied with her response that if they like it, that’s the important point.

One of the problems with education I feel is that children are so focused on getting it “right” or “correct.”

That when it comes to a more imaginative topic like art where there is no right or wrong it’s what you like that’s important, they can’t get their heads around it.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been educated myself (with a BA and an MA) and I believe in education and its ability to help you do work and earn money. It’s a good thing, but, as with every good thing, there are some drawbacks or negatives. And that’s ok. It teaches you skills you need in later life.

But not everything in life is so cut and dried as to have a right or wrong.

With art, everyone has an opinion and some people will like what you do, others won’t. There are different styles of art, you can mix and match materials, shape, size etc. So as long as you do what is enjoyable and means something to you, that’s the important point.

Any art is an expression of yourself and so part of your life. And you are not incorrect or correct – or totally good or bad. What you are is you!

Until next time….


You Don't Have to "Get It RIght" || Anika's Hearts and Crafts
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