Life Lately 2020

There has been a lot of things going on in our lives and I just wanted to take the opportunity to inform you of this. Not everything in life is simple, and that’s ok.

Life has been interesting for all of us.

Cats & Kittens

We had to put our old cat Gobbolino down because he was sick. We had planned on getting a brother and sister kitten when Gobbolino died because we didn’t want to get them before he went. Sootica had passed earlier in the year and so we went and got two new kittens.

We loved the new kittens, but there was a medical problem with the male kitten. He was seriously ill and after attempting to save him, we had to have him put down. Tara, however, has been a real blessing, as she has become excellent friends with Johnathan and is showing him how he can play with Maisie.

Painting Ceramics

I still very much enjoy painting ceramics and we went to Crieff again and did some. Both Johnathan and I enjoy the experience and get a lot of satisfaction seeing our creations take shape. Next time we go, we have agreed that we will do something as a family. So that will be really exciting to see what we do and how it looks.

School Play

Johnathan was in the school nativity play and did some dancing at the end, even though he didn’t have a speaking role. We had tickets for the morning show but I had had an extremely bad night the night before and couldn’t make the morning show. However, the head was really kind and said they would make space for me in the afternoon showing, so I didn’t miss the excitement of seeing him in his first nativity play ever.

Writing Club

I went into the school to teach them poetry and had a wonderful experience. The children responded to me so well and produced such excellent results. I wasn’t expecting this but loved the fact that I could inspire other people to create such beautiful work.

Yesterday I spoke to the head for a few minutes am I am now going to do something new and exciting. I am going to be setting up a writing club in the school. We are going to have a meeting to work out the details soon and I think it’s going to be extremely exciting.

Johnathan’s New Activity

Also Johnathan had a taster session of Taekwondo and he REALLY enjoyed it. I thought he would when we heard that it was happening and thought it would be a good thing for him to do, but as there were some issues I had no idea if it would work or not, but he has been accepted to start on Thursday next week. He was very excited when I told him.

Oh and Johnathan wrote his very first independent sentence this last week. I am very happy that he is beginning to show the abilities that I know he has but just doesn’t have the courage to express.

Life is becoming truly fascinating and I am really looking forward to seeing what this new year has to come.

Until next time….

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