Life Lately 2020

There has been a lot of things going on in our lives and I just wanted to take the opportunity to inform you of this. Not everything in life is simple, and that’s ok.

Life has been interesting for all of us.

Cats & Kittens

We had to put our old cat Gobbolino down because he was sick. We had planned on getting a brother and sister kitten when Gobbolino died because we didn’t want to get them before he went. Sootica had passed earlier in the year and so we went and got two new kittens.

We loved the new kittens, but there was a medical problem with the male kitten. He was seriously ill and after attempting to save him, we had to have him put down. Tara, however, has been a real blessing, as she has become excellent friends with Johnathan and is showing him how he can play with Maisie.

Painting Ceramics

I still very much enjoy painting ceramics and we went to Crieff again and did some. Both Johnathan and I enjoy the experience and get a lot of satisfaction seeing our creations take shape. Next time we go, we have agreed that we will do something as a family. So that will be really exciting to see what we do and how it looks.

School Play

Johnathan was in the school nativity play and did some dancing at the end, even though he didn’t have a speaking role. We had tickets for the morning show but I had had an extremely bad night the night before and couldn’t make the morning show. However, the head was really kind and said they would make space for me in the afternoon showing, so I didn’t miss the excitement of seeing him in his first nativity play ever.

Writing Club

I went into the school to teach them poetry and had a wonderful experience. The children responded to me so well and produced such excellent results. I wasn’t expecting this but loved the fact that I could inspire other people to create such beautiful work.

Yesterday I spoke to the head for a few minutes am I am now going to do something new and exciting. I am going to be setting up a writing club in the school. We are going to have a meeting to work out the details soon and I think it’s going to be extremely exciting.

Johnathan’s New Activity

Also Johnathan had a taster session of Taekwondo and he REALLY enjoyed it. I thought he would when we heard that it was happening and thought it would be a good thing for him to do, but as there were some issues I had no idea if it would work or not, but he has been accepted to start on Thursday next week. He was very excited when I told him.

Oh and Johnathan wrote his very first independent sentence this last week. I am very happy that he is beginning to show the abilities that I know he has but just doesn’t have the courage to express.

Life is becoming truly fascinating and I am really looking forward to seeing what this new year has to come.

Until next time….


Art Teaches. . . That You Don’t Have To Get It “Right”

I actually surprised myself yesterday. Not in the fact that I went to an art therapy day, but the actual difference that it made to me. In this piece, I want to tell you what one of them is.

One of the things that really helped me was that I could actually see how far on I was in the mindset work that I have been doing.

You Don't Have to "Get It RIght" || Anika's Hearts and Crafts

Amanda said right at the start, she goes into school and the pupils all bring work to her and ask if “it’s right” or “good” etc. None of them feel satisfied with her response that if they like it, that’s the important point.

One of the problems with education I feel is that children are so focused on getting it “right” or “correct.”

That when it comes to a more imaginative topic like art where there is no right or wrong it’s what you like that’s important, they can’t get their heads around it.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been educated myself (with a BA and an MA) and I believe in education and its ability to help you do work and earn money. It’s a good thing, but, as with every good thing, there are some drawbacks or negatives. And that’s ok. It teaches you skills you need in later life.

But not everything in life is so cut and dried as to have a right or wrong.

With art, everyone has an opinion and some people will like what you do, others won’t. There are different styles of art, you can mix and match materials, shape, size etc. So as long as you do what is enjoyable and means something to you, that’s the important point.

Any art is an expression of yourself and so part of your life. And you are not incorrect or correct – or totally good or bad. What you are is you!

Until next time….


You Don't Have to "Get It RIght" || Anika's Hearts and Crafts

All in Your Head

I saw an incident yesterday that left me totally moved. Now that’s not to say I don’t find other things difficult but this for was deeply unsettling.

The Incident

Johnathan and I had been to the doctor and we came outside to see an elderly gentleman being told to get out of the car. He was protesting that he needed help. The younger couple in the car with him ended up having to help him up. They then sat him on his walker for a little rest. Then she told him to get up and walk in as he was late for an appointment.

The elderly gentleman was obviously distraught as he continued saying he couldn’t do it and she was insisting that he could! I called over and the younger man came towards the car window I had pulled down. I said to him that he could get a manual chair from inside the doctor’s surgery.

He assured me that he could walk because it was all in his head. They all knew he was just lazy. He had been lying in a hospital bed for 9 weeks and now he refused to walk because he was lazy and didn’t want to help himself. The doctors had said there was nothing wrong but he was choosing to be like this.

I think the difficulty comes when people don’t understand what “all in your head” actually means.

You see, it didn’t matter if it was in his head or not. The fact is that he believed it so his body was doing it.

As we were leaving Johnathan asked me why an old man would choose to be lazy and I explained to him that it wasn’t what he chose to do but his brain was telling him he couldn’t do it.

It actually made me stop and think how fortunate I was when this happened to me 9 years ago.

I had an understanding husband who supported me. And a physio who also did and basically taught me how to walk again in the 8 weeks I was in the hospital.

Without that help and support, I would not have coped with life and I’m sad to see that things like this still go on. What do you think?



Johnathan & The Disco

Johnathan had a really big day. He went to his very first disco! We had never even suggested he should go to anything like that because we really didn’t feel he would be able to cope with it.

Having said that, we were proved wrong.

He loved it! He was absolutely delighted with the evening, except for 2 things. One, we hadn’t given him enough money to spend to get a drink. Two, he was disappointed that he didn’t win the best dancer in the room. Considering he is in the first class of primary school and has never been to a disco, we were not surprised!

Now that I think about it, he loves music.

And stuff that I personally find a bit head-banging. In fact, his music has become too loud for me. So we have set up a system where he is locked into downloaded music on an ipad. We use it for when he is in the car as he hates the car noise and the sound of rain on the car.

Also, he was able to perform in his nursery graduation. We didn’t think he would manage it but he did. We have decided that now we will just give him the choice. If he hates it, we can always go and pick him up.

So the Disco, for Johnathan, shows just how much he has overcome in the six years of his life.

I am amazed and proud of my son for tackling something I never thought to see him do.

Yes, there are still more areas where he needs help to flourish, but we can do this. I had a meeting with the deputy head. We talked about everything he was facing and how he was doing. Even a few months ago, I didn’t believe he would ever be a boy in a normal school, but he is.