Finding Yourself


Finding yourself is a topic that could go on forever, but today I want to bring a few things to your attention. When I moved to Scotland I had no memory of the past. Everything was different and I knew I needed to find myself. But how to go about it was not immediately clear.

One of the things I did was to change my name. I wanted one where the meaning of it connected to God. Anika means a gift of God’s favour and Bathia is daughter of God. This gave me a link to someone/something bigger than myself and brought me peace.

I’m not saying that you need to change your name to find yourself. It was my pathway in life but may not be yours and that’s OK. Nobody follows another’s path in life. Though you may have the same experiences as someone else, you will both respond to them differently because of different experiences in the past.

Finding myself from that blankness has taken 9 years. And there have been people that have come and gone in that time. And some that have been in my life over that whole period. You know what? That’s OK, too.

I have discovered that my passion is to create digital intuitive artwork for others. After Christmas I was attempting to do a piece and it just simply wasn’t working, or satisfying me so I changed it. And the client is totally happy with what I produced.

When you discover yourself and your passion, developing your talents and gifts is a wonderful way to express our purpose in the world. We are not here to just please ourselves but to be a blessing to others.

Have you found your passion yet or are you still on the journey to find yourself? I would love to hear from you. The journey will continue until death but knowing who you are, what you are here for and following that to bless others is what we are made for. We are all unique and finding yourself can be quite a challenge.

Confidence is a great thing

Confidence is a great thing.  I love the fact that I have friends and family that encourage me and cheer me on. Positive words drive me to achieve my best and do what other people believe I can do. Sometimes without such support from others I feel as though I’m not capable enough or good enough to do things on my own – I’m not confident enough in myself.

Believing in yourself is important. Knowing your own potential is, too. Sometimes however, you need others to help you understand the talents and gifts that you have. It’s not that you don’t have such talents, but sometimes you lack confidence in your ability, or just feel you’re not good enough to do whatever it is you want to do.

Self belief is an important thing. I’m not saying you should be overly proud of your accomplishments or even be falsely humble in them. Believing you are capable and able to do something that you actually can do is one of the most important things in life.

Your gifts, talents and passion were all given to you for a reason. You were blessed in a unique way that nobody else in the world has been and what you do is done in a different way to anyone else.

However, you do not need anyone to validate who you are and what you do. I began to realise this as I stepped into my passion and realised confidence was the ingredient I was missing. I was looking for external validation to tell me if something I did was OK or not.

Then I wondered: why could I not be my own cheerleader ? Why could I not tell myself I have done a good job and be proud of my accomplishments, and the talents and abilities God has given me ? He made me this way and I should be able to believe I can do what He wishes.

So where are you in your journey in life ? Can you tell yourself you have done well ? Or do you need external validation ? You are made for a special reason and you need to discover what it is and live it out with confidence in yourself.

Find out who you are and your purpose in life and live in your own authenticity. If you are real, people will be drawn to you. And cheering yourself on in life and not expecting others to validate your talents and abilities is the best thing you could ever do.

Don’t live your life expecting and waiting for others to validate your mission. You are unique, just as everyone else in the world is.

Life can be an adventure

Life can be an adventure but it can also be boring and dull. Most of that is down to how we view life and the experiences that happen to us. Some people think of adventure and combine it with the concept of adrenaline junkies who do extreme sports.

Adventure is actually different things to different people. For some, it can be a massive experience but for others, adventure is what would be considered by someone else a small thing.

For me, adventure is things like just going for a drive to see landscapes and we often would go for drives just because. Why not go and see where you end up? Some of the places we ended up in were because of the strange names they had.

I don’t know if you have ever associated courage with adventure? But actually it is. If you didn’t have the courage to try something, the adventure side of it wouldn’t exist.

Do you know that you can actually bring a sense of adventure to anything? It is all in how you view it. You can even make something seem like an adventure for your child. I hate hospitals and seeing doctors but I have tried to make sure that it is fun and exciting seeing them for my son. My husband views going to hospital as a treat and I want Johnathan to feel that too.

I’m not saying this is easy – it isn’t in every situation. Some are much more difficult but that’s ok. Being grateful for what we have and maintaining an attitude of gratitude can help the sense of adventure in our lives.

So what does adventure mean to you? Can you find it in the small things or is it big experiences that you crave? Adventure can be part of your attitude of gratitude. I’m not saying I am perfect at doing this – nobody is. But if you try, it can certainly make a difference.