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Who are you going to serve today? Part 2

Who will you serve today? I looked at the service in work last week and now I want to look at voluntary and involuntary service. It’s not just in business that you can serve others.

Serving at home is really part of life and an attitude of gratitude, love, and serving is a choice that you make every day. You can choose to serve your family or not. It is important that you choose to look after yourself before you take care of your family. You cannot pour from an empty vessel.

I want to look at voluntary and involuntary choices to help others. Yes, voluntary service starts with yourself and then your family. But where does it go next?

The attitude of love and gratitude that comes with service can also be contemplated outside the home. Living this out wherever you go will be visible to your children. It’s not always possible to live with voluntary service wherever you. There are occasions even in your household it can become hard to practice this.

Involuntary service is a little bit different. It’s something you don’t plan on doing but you almost instinctively do because it is the right thing to do.

One day recently I was out with my son and fell over on the cobblestones as they were wet getting my wheelchair into the car. I was very blessed because there was a man walking along the pavement who obviously saw what happened and came and helped me up and finished putting the wheelchair in the car for me.

I am certain this man hadn’t left home thinking he would help a disabled woman up from the ground because she had fallen over and needed help. I was deeply thankful that this man put aside anything he was planning on doing and got me up on my feet and asked if I had hit my head and needed to go to the hospital.

You can decide to be of service to people or not. It is a deliberate choice you make. I think involuntary service is a decision that may not mean that much to you, except a few seconds of your time, or a few kind words. Or it may take more but it could mean the world to the person you are blessing with your service.

So, in essence, voluntary and involuntary service is possible. You can choose to offer help or not. But if you are living a life of service, that is a choice you can make.

Who will you serve today? No 2

Who will you serve today?
Whether in or out the house
Have you prepared yourself
For the joy of giving back?

Living a life of gratitude
And having time to share
Giving back is what to do
Blessing others in your path.

So this is a choice you make
An attitude if you please
Is this the life you want to live?
Then choose to live it wisely.

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Favourite moments in life

One of my favourite photos of our dog Maisie

I was doing a writing exercise today which was meant to be five minutes only to describe your favourite part of the day. It was easy for me to choose that – the moment my husband comes home and is greeted by my dog and my son, then he comes into the living room and the dog jumps onto his lap while we have a brief chat about our days.

This got me thinking about favourite things – no, not Julie Andrews’ favourite things song but other moments in the day that may pass unnoticed by somebody else. Maybe the lady you passed smiled at you and you returned it but the person with you didn’t notice.

Maybe you saw a picture of a butterfly or dragonfly or saw a feather or something that reminded you there are babies in heaven waiting for you. Often the things that mean the most to us, are not noticed by others around you because they are not significant to them.

Every moment can be precious and mindfulness teaches you be “be” in the present and not think about the past or future. But sometimes it is nice to notice the small things that bring you joy and remember them. I know some people have a jar on their sideboard where they put all these moments of joy down on a piece of paper and pull them out to encourage themselves and see what has gone right for them.

Favourite things can be enchanting and magical as well. I never enjoyed Christmas until I came to Scotland. I have had wonderful, magical Christmases here and loved every minute of them. Alright yes, the Christmas both Kevin and Johnathan had the flu and I was looking after them both wasn’t easy but you know what? I became the photographer on that day and took many pictures that showed the bond between Kevin and Johnathan and the joy there was in opening presents together. What it has taught me is that there is something good to be found in situations.

I’m not saying everything is easy. Life throws us curveballs and sometimes they come and everything you thought and believed is broken in one fell swoop. Other times it is little things that niggle at you and if there are enough of them it can send you into depression or anger. But you can get through those moments and sometimes even learn something from them.

Favourite moments are those that put a smile on your face. It’s when you think about them and the love you have for that moment spills onto your face. In those times you feel that you can’t be angry or upset because that memory is a precious thing and brings you joy.

What favourite moments do you have in your life? Are they found in the small things in life or in adverse situations? Do you have one particular part of the day that brings a smile to your face even though it seems everything else is going wrong?

I would love to hear from you about your favourite moments or time of the day. Please do leave a comment or send me a message. I do check them at least once a day so I will be able to respond quickly.