Attitude, perfectionism, Procrastination

Perfectionism and Procrastination

Perfectionism and procrastination can go hand in hand, but not always. When you are a perfectionist, you want everything to look right and be right and show the best of yourself to everyone you meet.

There are lots of different ways to be a perfectionist. Sometimes it is in how you express yourself whether with the written word, or the spoken. That doesn’t mean it is wrong to be this way.

It is right to be a perfectionist in some jobs or roles in life. Imagine if you were reading a newspaper with lots of tiny mistakes in it or sending you to the wrong page for carrying on a news story. You would get very frustrated really quickly. So in this instance, you want the editors and proof readers to be perfectionist in what they do.

Another job that demands perfection is coding in computers. If you get one digit or letter incorrect, it can change a whole programme. Again, you want people that can be quick and accurate.

However, there are times when perfectionism can lead to procrastination. You may want something you do to be absolutely perfect and that is an excellent thing to desire but when it means you delay in starting it for fear of getting it wrong, it has caused you a problem.

Procrastination can sometimes be helpful. If you need to make an important choice it can be better to procrastinate. I remember when I was going to get married, I wanted to choose a dress that was “ok” because I didn’t know if I would find a better one. However, I am glad I procrastinated and went to a wedding shop with my bridesmaid and got the “perfect” dress.

I like things to be perfect, but I often find that this leads to me not attempting something or stopping when I make a mistake. It’s not an easy thing to overcome but if I know there is a mistake and nobody else does, it’s not the end of the world.

Perfectionism can lead to procrastination, but it doesn’t always. Are you a perfectionist? Does it hinder or help you? If wanting things to be perfect causes you to procrastinate then maybe just going ahead and doing something might be the best way for you to start to beat it.