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Knowing someone or knowing someone?

‘’Knowing someone or knowing someone? I have been thinking about different levels of knowing people – friendship, family, acquaintance, partner, life partner, people you have maybe seen on the tv or in books or magazines but you haven’t met them and have no anticipation of being able to meet them.

Anyway, I thought I would start with the Queen. Now I know ABOUT her, the things I read, what I have seen on the TV, what she shares publicly and the letter I got for sending her a poem on her Golden Jubilee. I know a lot about her BUT I do not know her or plan to meet her. I know quite a lot about her but I don’t know what she does with her private life other than what she is willing to share. I have no idea how she relates to her family in private or public.

On the other hand, the total opposite of that is Kevin, the man I married and plan to spend my life with “until death do us part.” With him I know what there is to know about him – the closest to someone you can ever be in life. This is the total opposite to what I know about the Queen. Kevin and I know each other personally and nobody knows us as well as we do, not even our son Johnathan.

Now you also have acquaintances – both in business and personal life. This kind of relationship are people that you meet in life but you don’t actually get to know them. You have more of a nodding acquaintance with them than anything else. You may or may not have seen them but you basically know of their existence and can talk to them on a basic level.

And then we have friendship – let’s start with those you know in real life first. There are different levels of friendship that you have with people and some of them you will share one or more aspects of your life. Sometimes you will share the same kind of information with a person as another, but because they are different, you will share your lives in different ways.

But some you meet online, in social media and it is a different relationship altogether. You don’t often plan to meet them in real life so sometimes that makes people more likely to share information and sometimes less likely. It depends on who you are and who they are.

Lastly we come to family. Just because someone is family, doesn’t mean you know them and vice versa. I can say I don’t know all of my family members – probably the same can be said of everyone in the world. In fact, if you want the honest truth, I can say that I never really knew my family members. My husband and our son are the people I have the closest relationship with in the world. And I would say the feeling is mutual with the two of them.

So when you think about knowing someone or knowing someone, you need to decide the level or type of friendship you would like or can have with them. I cannot ring the Queen up and chat to her about the craftwork I do. However, I can speak to friends either online or in person about crafts and it is a mutual joy shared.

Knowing someone comes with many different levels. Am I able to have the same friendship with two people? No. We are all unique and so will have different friendships with every person in the world. What you need to do is decide the level you would like with another person and see if they feel the same way about you and want that level of friendship or not.

Have you ever thought you wanted a certain level of friendship with somebody else and then discovered they don’t want that same level of friendship with you? Personally, I have been disappointed with friendship when the other person simply doesn’t want the level of communication I would like to have or vice versa.