My Creative Story

As a child I was uncertain of my abilities and belived that just because someone was older than me they would know better than me what to do to finish off a piece of artwork, or know which colour should go next.

It got to a stage that I didn’t do drawing or colouring anymore – just in case I got it wrong but you know as well as I do now that drawing and colouring and artwork is subjective – everyone likes different things and when one artist or one picture doesn’t speak to you, you don’t say it was terrible, it just doesn’t move you and that’s ok.

But my creativity had to have an outlet, even as a child so I learnt how to bake. Baking cakes and cookies and having people enjoy them was fun, because I got to see people enjoying what I did and telling you how good it tasted. This was ideal for me, I thought.

Then my aunt came and showed me how to knit. Here it was – the final thing AND it was a finished project that everyone could see and admire (if I could get it finished!). That was the bit that always floored me – I found it tough to get to the end.

Tapestry was fantastic – it’s printed on the canvas and so you can’t get it wrong. But when the colour didn’t fill the space or they ran into each other.what was the correct choice to make – and so very few projects came to life.

Cross-stitch – yes, I will do that. It;s just counting on the lines. But you have to remember where you started and where you stopped, the colour you were using at the time. In some cases, you have to even match the threads before you can even begin…

Running through all this was writing. I wrote pages and pages of things -some poetry and some prose. I actually showed my poetry to a friend and she suggesed I enter competitions. I had no idea where to find them but she found some for me and I got published in 4 different books and I even got the courage up to send one to Her Majesty the Qiueen Elizabeth II and even got a reply frpm Buckingham Palace.

So, at 32 years old, I come to Scotland! Woohoo! I was going to make my life here and do everything that I could to succeed. Then somehow I ended up in an art class and she wanted me to do a picture…well, how do you go about that – you could paint it. And I created my first what I think of as real art. This was something I had accomplished. No, it wasn’t great but it was good for a first attempt.

Now I have discovered I can paint, I thought I could make a business with 2 other artistic friends – one made jewellery and the other made cute little crocheted or knitted items of various descriptions. I went between lots of different crafts but never really decided on any in particular. And I had no experience in making a business or really pushing it forward. This buisness faltered and flounded in the end because we had no-one to keep us to it, life got in the way, so we disbanded that.

I decided to be a blogger – mainly for myself, but you never know – someone might like it. Ths was it! My whole life out there. I wasn’t a regular blogger but would pop on occassionally in the hope I might get some attention.

Then with the help of my mentor, I managed to set up Anika’s HeART and Crafts and discovered the joy of intutitve artwork. It was a surprise to me but is what I mainly use in my commissioned projects. The rest of my artwork and writing make up the sum of what you see today.

Do have a look around if you enjoy what you see. I share my heart with you in everything I do. Projects are taken with great consideration and if I am not for you, I won’t be offended. But have a look around, make yourself at home and if yyou like my work, please do share it with others so they can have some enjoyment, too.