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Confidence is a great thing

Confidence is a great thing.  I love the fact that I have friends and family that encourage me and cheer me on. Positive words drive me to achieve my best and do what other people believe I can do. Sometimes without such support from others I feel as though I’m not capable enough or good enough to do things on my own – I’m not confident enough in myself.

Believing in yourself is important. Knowing your own potential is, too. Sometimes however, you need others to help you understand the talents and gifts that you have. It’s not that you don’t have such talents, but sometimes you lack confidence in your ability, or just feel you’re not good enough to do whatever it is you want to do.

Self belief is an important thing. I’m not saying you should be overly proud of your accomplishments or even be falsely humble in them. Believing you are capable and able to do something that you actually can do is one of the most important things in life.

Your gifts, talents and passion were all given to you for a reason. You were blessed in a unique way that nobody else in the world has been and what you do is done in a different way to anyone else.

However, you do not need anyone to validate who you are and what you do. I began to realise this as I stepped into my passion and realised confidence was the ingredient I was missing. I was looking for external validation to tell me if something I did was OK or not.

Then I wondered: why could I not be my own cheerleader ? Why could I not tell myself I have done a good job and be proud of my accomplishments, and the talents and abilities God has given me ? He made me this way and I should be able to believe I can do what He wishes.

So where are you in your journey in life ? Can you tell yourself you have done well ? Or do you need external validation ? You are made for a special reason and you need to discover what it is and live it out with confidence in yourself.

Find out who you are and your purpose in life and live in your own authenticity. If you are real, people will be drawn to you. And cheering yourself on in life and not expecting others to validate your talents and abilities is the best thing you could ever do.

Don’t live your life expecting and waiting for others to validate your mission. You are unique, just as everyone else in the world is.

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Growth or fixed mindset

I have been thinking about the differences between the two mindsets recently. I often find myself thinking in a fixed mindset way. For example, there are times that I believe things will never change.

This, of course, is a sign that I am thinking in a fixed mindset way and I need to expand it into a growth mindset. When I left England and moved to Scotland, I believed that things could not be worse and I would rather be lonely than continue to stay where I was.

However, God had other plans for me and I met my husband Kevin. My fixed mindset said we wouldn’t have children and here I am with 5 babies in heaven and one on earth. But it still doesn’t mean I have a growth mindset in every area of my life.

This last week has been a bit strange in some ways. I realised that I was not exactly who I believed myself to be and that my character and ability was not being expressed in the way I present my website and Facebook business page.

So things are going to be changed and updated. I will be keeping the name of the business the same but the way things look will be different. Expressing myself in my own unique way without muting my desire for colour and freedom will be taking me on a different path.

The other thing that has struck me is that I have not had a growth mindset in every area of my life and the biggest one is finances. Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that we assume money will magically grow on trees. You have to do something to bring the money in and work for it. God promises to bless the work of our hands, not that He is an instant money pot. I love knowing this. Such a wonderful truth to understand.

I don’t believe there is anyone who has a growth mindset in every area. We are all a work in progress and need to change things in ourselves and learn to trust our own abilities. In which areas of your life are you limiting yourself with a fixed mindset and which areas do you encourage growth in your life by having a mindset that is open to possibilities? I would love to hear from you.

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Thoughts on mindset

I have had some thoughts on mindset this week. It has been an up and down week for me and I wanted to share with you the different things I have been considering.

From what I have seen I have noticed there are two distinct schools of thoughts on mindset. One is that you “fake it til you make it” and the other is that you work on challenging your thoughts and changing them.

To be honest with you, I didn’t know which of the two I needed to use. Should I fake it and do something I found hard to do or should I challenge my thoughts and change them?

Thing is, there are times I get bogged down with digital technology (ok, well, any technology but digital in particular). And with building a website, you run into a lot of technical things that are new and you need to learn them.

At the start of the week, I was doing well in finding and working out what I needed to do. Then panic set in and it seemed like an insurmountable job. I was working with DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY! My brain and body froze whenever I started to do anything and I couldn’t think straight.

Now I write blogposts, create digital art, use Facebook comparatively well, have conversations with my friends over Zoom or Facebook Messenger, am learning Instagram and Pinterest and Kevin has taught me how to play some digital games. Yet here I was, totally frozen in fear of building a website.

All this experience with digital technology and I thought I couldn’t conquer my fear and learn something new. Now I look back after a couple of days of rest and think, hey, I can do this!

So is it mindset change or action? Well, in a sense it was neither. Now that I am rested, I know I can do this. Sometimes we get so bogged down in something we forget to practice self-care. My mindset has changed yes, but that is the fact I have left what I was doing and taken a good break and a rest.

Is there a time it pays to take action first? Yes, when I left England and came to Scotland, I took action and drove up in one day. This was an action my mind took but my mindset didn’t change at first. It took me some time to get my head around the fact I had come up here.

So what are your thoughts on mindset? Personally I think we need to recognise that there are situations in which a mindset shift is necessary, or we are just tired and need a break, or we need to take action and let our mind catch up.

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The Need to be Real

Don’t you think there is always a need to be real in life? Sometimes people portray something of themselves that isn’t true. You can see/hear/read the falsity in what is shown but it feels impossible to get into their reality.

Personally I hate seeing posts that suggest you can earn 6 figures in six weeks or six months because you just need to follow their formula. Actually, that isn’t true. You have not put in the years of work, blood, sweat and tears before they got to the six weeks.

Honesty is the best policy in any situation. Finding the words that express what you want to say without causing offence or upset can be difficult. There are times I have struggled to do this and I am sure you can think of times it has been true for you too.

If you read my blog regularly, you would have noticed I didn’t post this last Wednesday. My days for posting is Sunday and Wednesday. Unfortunately my depression has been building again for some weeks and I finally admitted it and am going to see the doctor next week.

It was hard for me to face the fact I was depressed again. I already take medication but had to admit that it wasn’t working right now. There was no motivation to do anything and so I missed writing on Wednesday. But you know what? Admitting it and arranging to get the help I need has really helped me.

One of the reasons I started the attitude of gratitude is because it helps when you get that depressed to look and see things that you can be grateful for. Being thankful for specific things helps to bring your mood up.

Personally I find being grateful for something specific is better than something general. If I can look at whet I am grateful for and not just a general idea it really helps me.

The need to be real is not to give a false impression to others but to be honest and truthful. When you have an attitude of gratitude it paves the way for you to see good even in a bad day. That doesn’t mean there won’t be days that you struggle with – circumstances happen and how you face them impacts how you see the world.