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Getting an Autism Diagnosis

Do you know how hard it is to get a diagnosis of autism?

People assume you just “want to have a diagnosis” or that you’re looking for a “yuppie” condition.  And the child or adult looks normal to other people so what’s the need for saying they have this condition?

Now, if you have cancer or arthritis or a heart condition or another general condition, they wouldn’t tell you that you “just” wanted a name to this.  They would expect (as would you) that there would be help and support while you have the condition.

However, autism is not seen in this regard.

I will admit that autism doesn’t always require medication as other conditions do.  Now you could be fortunate NOT to have a child on the spectrum that has no sense of safety with themselves or others.  If they are like this, you may have to buy either larger pushchairs or an actual wheelchair for your child or adult.

And there are other complications that can arise.  For example, people who are on the spectrum often don’t sleep well. This can be extremely disruptive to the family and other people they come into contact with.

So often there are needs that should be taken into consideration.  Once a diagnosis of autism is obtained you can get help for all these complications.  And even if they are high functioning and have a seemingly good knowledge of a language, mostly they are unable to understand or express their feelings. This negatively impacts their need for medical help.

I love my son dearly, but he has complications that are invisible to you when you see him.

If you saw him, you would think everything is ok.

But I can tell you it isn’t. Luckily, he has been able to access more help and support after his diagnosis than we could before.  And this makes a massive impact on our family life. It is so much easier with the support we have both received already. And we will need to access in the future.

We have been really blessed because Johnathan has been able to have a year split placement before going into school proper.  And this has actually meant that he will be able to enter a smaller normal school and I am so delighted!  Everyone wants their child to be able to go into the normal educational process.  But not all parents have the opportunity to have this happen.

So many parents do not want to admit their child needs a diagnosis.

Maybe they don’t want to admit that their child has a problem.  Or maybe it’s because of the stigma that is attached to the condition.  There could also be other reasons for it.  Personally, I knew in his first week of life.  In my heart, although I didn’t want it to be true, I didn’t want it to be.  In fact, once he WAS diagnosed I struggled with it even though I had known it – much to my surprise.

Please, when you meet a parent whose child is going to be or has been diagnosed with autism, treat them with compassion and kindness.  You don’t know what they deal with in their daily lives and it is not an easy thing to either acknowledge or accept.  If you do want to know, let them talk.  Be there for them.  But please, whatever you do, don’t condemn them but listen to thing they would like to share with you.

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Who will you serve today?

Who will you serve today? What an interesting concept to be able to have a look at. I was inspired by seeing this comment by and thought it would be a wonderful expression to explore and discover.

There are many areas that you can look at this question because it could apply to any part of your life – both home and work. But today I want to look at the business side and how it relates to us all.

Service can be seen as an old-fashioned concept but actually I believe it should be central in our whole life. It can either be done intentionally or accidentally. Life with an attitude of service is wonderfully rewarding and satisfying.

Before you can serve others, the first person you have to take care of is yourself. Think of the example you have in the aeroplane where you have to put the mask on yourself before you help someone else. It is not selfish to be able to know with certainty that you can serve somebody because you are well yourself.

Another aspect of service that I believe can be overlooked is gratitude. This can open unexpected doors for you, but is also noticed by your clients. Unless you come from a joy filled place and are happy and content in yourself and what you are doing, your clients/customers and even co-workers will know it, whether you use the right words or not.

Even if you are a solopreneur, you can still serve other people. You may not encounter them directly, but they can feel if you come from the attitude of joyful service or not.

Some businesses are in what is known as the service industry. When you look at their jobs, and the work they accomplish, it appears easy for them to serve. But that doesn’t mean they should not enjoy their work or fail to find satisfaction in what they do.

When you are in a different sector of the working world, it can be more complex to see how you could serve someone but if you maintain an attitude of gratefulness, love and service for others, you will find unexpected ways to serve people.

So, as you go out there and start a new week at work, ask yourself “Who can I serve today?” and you could be surprised at the answer.

Do you want to serve others?

Do you want to serve others
And give them a better day?
Or just sit there watching
Because your life is great?

It doesn’t matter who you are
Or what it is you want to do
In order to serve others
We must give them something too.

This can be within your job
Others can be served by you
Giving them a better day
Because you know you can.

Who will you serve this day?
Someone who needs a smile
Kind words and helping hands
Serving them this day.

You know it doesn’t have to be
Something big or grand
Maybe just a listening ear
With gratitude and love.

Look at those you serve today
And see what you can do
You never know the change you make
As you brighten someone’s day.