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Fear of action

Fear of action is something that can happen to anyone. I was surprised last night to see my husband anxious as he is generally such a calm person. He was fearful of some exercises that had been given to him. In 2010 he broke his hip and his knees dislocate quite easily and some of the exercises would possibly put too much stress on them.

It got me thinking about how fear stops me at times. I get nervous about doing things and sometimes this can cause me problems because I then procrastinate and let the fear prevent me from taking action.

One thing that has been scaring me is creating mandalas. It’s something I have wanted to do, but found it hard to begin. I let the fear of making a terrible mistake or doing it wrong or not being able to do it at all stop me from starting.

Yesterday I decided to give it a try and create a mandala. However, I wasn’t sure what package to use. I tried to create it in the Graphic app but I knew it was going to be a hard job doing one in there and making sure everything was equal and looked exactly the same.

In the evening, Kevin said to me why didn’t I look on YouTube and see someone else creating one? I had let the fear of action stop me from looking at YouTube. I know people look at it every day and the fear was irrational but it was still there.

Anyway, with Kevin sitting there next to me, I managed to open up YouTube and have a look at what scared me. In point of fact, there was nothing for me to be concerned about – the fear of action had stopped me doing something I wanted to do but I changed that last night.

Where do you find you let fear of action rule you? Do you want to let it go? Is it an irrational fear like mine was? Or is there a reason behind it?